Metre hedge sixpack

To help consumers with the construction of a dense hedge, Themaplant has invented the 1 metre hedge sixpack. The idea is quite easy: for one linear metre of hedge 6 plants are needed, this is equal to one sixpack which consists of 6 plants. This concept is carried out with a functional label so the customer knows at a glance how many plants are necessary to transform his garden fence into a beautiful hedge. 

The plants are +/- 50 cm long and generally grow to a height of 2 metres within two years. These plants can be planted all year round and are therefore also available all year round at Themaplant. 

Groundcover Sixpack

Our groundcovers are available year round in more than 30 varieties in six pack. These packs are equipped with a sturdy carrying handle, provided with EAN code. This shows at a glance how many plants are needed per square metre. These six-packs provide the consumer with a lot of convenience; they are easy to plant and quickly grow into a beautiful whole.