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Themaplant operate from 2 locations, located in Panningen and Grashoek. The location in Panningen is our production site where we produce 90% of our own plants. This is also the location where we keep our mother plant stock, with which we can guarantee the quality of our starting material as much as possible. After the plants have been cut, they remain in the rooting greenhouse for a few weeks. When suffciently hardened, they move to Grashoek. 

At the delivery location in Grashoek, we let the plants grow for a while before it finds its way to various customers. On-site we use sorting machines with buffer belts which we have developed ourselves. This enables us to quickly deliver large batches and uniform plant to our customers. 


Themaplant successfully grows different types of plants. As well as producing the plants which we have lots of experience in, the organization continues to innovate and improve current and future cultivation. 

Currently the plants grow on 7 hectares, more than 6 million groundcovers, of which 1/2 million hedge plants in pots. Most of the plants grow in P9, but also in P13 (or Clayette packs by appointment). We produce all the plants with 15 permanent employees and about 60 students who work during the weekend.